Peter's Canyon - military appreciation month

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Peters Canyon Hike

· Tustin, CA

How to find us

at the end of the road/trail head

Location image of event venue


Hike difficulty: Beginner, Advance. Dirt trails, multiple hills.
Approximate distance round trip: about 4 miles
Approximate elevation gain: 650 ft.
Approximate time done: 2hours.
Pets: No, OC parks do not allow pets
Bathroom: There is Port-a-potty within the park. None on the trail.

As I was leading Turtle Rock few weeks back, I wanted to do another hill that I did not like but learn to be okay with. This is this place and at the same time it is military appreciation month so I looked up for some trail that may be military related and here it is. It’s no brainer for people in military to hear “the red hill” and not think either Big Red 1 or any other word related to Red Hill. We will start at the end of the road on “peters canyon hiking and ridding trail” which is paved. Then we will turn right into “Mountains to the sea trail” and stop so any bathroom breaks at the port-a-potty. Then we will walk beyond and on to our first hill on the “Ecucalyptus trail” and wait for people to catch their breath. From here, we may get separated until the final hill. Continue on “E. Ridge View Trail” until you get to the top, there is a fork in the road, but everyone will get to the top of the hill… so yea. From there we will wait for people, take a picture and walk down on the famous “Red Hill” from there we will turn left and go on the “Mountains to the sea trail” back to our car. This hike pattern is a loop. After the hike, we will discuss some places to go and refuel the calories that we've lost.

*Parking: free in the street, make sure that it is parking spot, people have known to get ticket for parking in wrong places.
*We will meet right next to as shown in the picture.

Bring: hiking appropriate clothes/loose clothing, any shoes are okay, at least 1-2 bottle of water and or snack, hiking pole not needed but helpful. Flash light may not be needed, but yu can bring one if you want.

We will wait 5-10mins before going as a courtesy for people coming late and people who are ready to hike. We know, its California.

Message me if you have any question(s) regarding the hike. See you there.

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