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Emulators and desktop browser testing only goes so far. Testing on actual devices is best.

Want to test how your site or app looks on a bunch of devices? Tired of going to electronics stores to check them out? We are.

That's why we're putting together a test run of Device Lab.

To keep things simple, I've decided to test 8-10 attendee submitted sites/apps at random or by vote at the event. Come see how your work holds up on various devices or learn from other success/mistakes.

We'd like to make this a monthly event in the future.

Right now, we have iPad 2 and 4, the original version of the Kindle fire, a few kindle e-readers, Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (Android) a Nexus 7, latest iPad mini, iPod Touch 4, and a few versions of Android phones.

We'll be trying to get in touch with Microsoft to bring some demo models as well as Blackberry. We'd love to be able to get Google to demo their new Glass glasses. If anyone has appropriate contacts please let us know. :)

Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Win 7 or 8, RIM or other devices, even feature phones, are welcome! Surface RT and Pro plus Bada would be interesting. :)

In order to help plan and balance things out please answer the RSVP questions.

Please let me know if you guys have any other thoughts! After the event we'll try to post a stream of it to the group as well as any testing results that came out.




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