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Windows 8 Native HTML/JS Apps

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Is your app getting lost in the shuffle in the Apple and Google Play Store? I believe that now is the time to take advantage of the potential profit opportunities the Windows App Store presents.

Microsoft is motivated, committed and has the resources to expand its presence plus support app designers and developers to create more content for the platform. By the way, this isn't some paid promotion (aside from perhaps food sponsorship) and I've been meaning to get someone from Microsoft to speak to our group for a while because I think it's a relevant opportunity for the group.

I'm pleased to have Adam Tuliper from Microsoft on board to speak to us about Win 8 app development!

-Mario (scwdd organizer)

Event Description

Windows 8 was the first OS platform to allow fully native HTML/JS applications running across devices. These applications are called Windows Store applications and can be made available in the Windows Store. You can easily utilize your HTML/JS skills to create Windows Store applications.

What's you'll be learning:

What is Windows 8
Dev tools
HTML/JS app development
Ads and monetization

Here's a brief bio

Adam Tuliper works as a Technical Evangelist for Microsoft helping others understand and implement their technical solutions. Prior to that he worked as a software architect in defense, finance, pharma, manufacturing, technology, and public sector fields over a span of 18+ years. He started his work in security and reverse engineering (x86 based - pre .NET) with the direction of going into the software protection and anti-piracy field. This gave him a foundation for learning the internals of other technologies from Win32 systems to CLR systems. Outside of development, Adam has performed security audits and penetration tests as well. He has been deeply involved in .NET internals since early beta and currently works extensively in Windows 8, HTML/JS, Azure, Web API, ASP.NET, SQL Server, MVC, and various open source technologies. He presents on technology nationwide at conferences and user groups and is a author and an MSDN Magazine author.