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Soccer Fit was dreamed and developed by Brent “Zico” Ward & Dan Stratford in the fall of 2007. They realized that a well designed workout with a soccer ball provides fun, challenging, intense, healthy and excellent all-round conditioning benefits for adults just as step, boot camp, running, spinning and other fitness programs have been doing for years.

For many, "group fitness" does not compare to having fun while learning and improving soccer skills.

About our Soccer Fit Program Get Fit/Stay Fit Adult Group Exercise Program: Soccer Fit: Get Fit/Stay Fit Soccer Fit Training

Soccer Fit Denver Colorado Unique Fitness, Strength and Soccer Conditioning Program for Adults that will- -Provide a fun and challenging workout

-Strengthen and tone your whole body.

-Lose weight.

-Improve your agility and balance.

-Develop and improve your soccer skills.

-Avoid the week-end warrior injury caused by playing soccer, kickball, Frisbee, volleyball, softball and other sports only once a week or less. Soccer Fit is a fun and challenging workout that includes strength training, core, abs, plyometrics, agility, balance and more-

Visit our website, for schedule, pricing & more information Other Soccer Fit Programs:

We also offer Private Soccer Lessons & Intense Soccer Fit Classes for High School, College, Amateur & Professional Players

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