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Sunday "earlier bird" Lone Mountain Regional

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Now that warmer weather is here, WE NEED 3 COURTS. So, we will start earlier (it's okay to be late). The first six to arrive should START PRACTICE ON ALL 3 COURTS. As others arrive, fill the courts as appropriate but keep all 3 courts busy if possible.

The NEW Lone Mountain Regional Park has 6 courts. We will try to take the back 3 courts (see red hand) so that stray balls don't go into the street and there is less traffic noise.

IMPORTANT: Lone Mountain REGIONAL Park is not the same as nearby Lone Mountain Park (located a few blocks away on Jensen Street). Confusing? Yes, but it is what it is.

DIRECTIONS: For most people, take the west 215 Beltway and turn east at the Lone Mountain intersection (at a stoplight, not an exit). You should quickly see the park.

Since Prince filed for bankruptcy and no longer produces their superior, yet inexpensive Prince Championship Extra Duty tennis balls, I recommend the next best (low price) thing for longer lasting better bounce, the Penn Championship Extra Duty tennis balls. Most other budget balls just don't last as long or bounce as consistently. Although slightly more expensive, Dunlop GrandPrix Extra Duty balls are similar. (

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