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Meet to move each member in the direction they hoped to move by joining.

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Now that Hatch has been so generous to offer us meeting space; so, now there is no excuse to avoid working on our social enterprise goals and projects.

Since Hatch will have speakers and workshops for members and the PDX area has so many events to attend; we should use our Meetup as a time to take what we have learned and build our ideas and interests into careers and organizations that solve social problems.

Many of our members have written a short bit in their profile about what they are interested in achieving or doing. Everyone is in some stage of the pipeline between: "This is a cool topic" to "I am running a Social Enterprise and I want it to grow." Each is equally important as without interested people, there can be no major achievement accomplished.

This said, I encourage anyone and everyone who has joined this Meetup to attend our Meetup and tell us where you are in the pipeline? I realize you may have fingers in several stages, but we need to group all of our members into the right stage and figure out how best support each member so they move closer to what they want to achieve from participating.

Where are you in the pipeline?

a. I am interested in the topic and want to get involved.

b. I want to network and build a career in a Social Enterprise.

c. I want to support a currently developing Social Enterprise.

d. I have an idea for a project or organization that I need support for.

e. I have a working prototype of a new Social Enterprise that I need to launch.

f. I am actively working for or running a Social Enterprise and I need support to help us grow.

I would like everyone who comes to have a positive outcome. Maybe just a new contact they can work with or an action item to go home and work on.

Each member will have up to five minutes to tell us about themselves.

The limit to start with will be 15 people so we can actually get to know each other, so reserve your spot and if something changes please remove your reservation so others can take your slot.

I will need a co-host for future Meetups as I travel a lot without much notice and could use a helping hand.

I am looking forward to meeting you.