Third Thursday for Social Changemakers: Fun - Interactive - Networking 2.0

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Third Thursday for Social Changemakers: Fun – Interactive – Networking 2.0

Literally everyone (introverts and extroverts) makes it a point to tell me they really enjoyed our engaging event.

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Social Entrepreneurs-PDX Meetup invites all Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, and Micro-business people to join us for the purpose of raising awareness of the power of Social Enterprise and supporting thousands of nearly invisible social changemakers among us who work to improve our quality of life in the Portland area.

If you are starting or operating a small business or nonprofit, chances are you need a lot more support to achieve your goals. This Meetup is simply an open doorway to finding and helping each other succeed. We don’t do infomercials or pitches, hand you a beer and set you off into the crowd. We facilitate a three-step process of connecting people through interaction in a casual, friendly environment.

We immediately break into small groups of three people. This gives everyone a chance to share what they can do and what they need without the pressure of random networking. Each person gets five minutes to explain who they are, what they need and what they can offer the others.

SIMPLE BUT POWERFUL: Come with two things in your mind. 1) What can I do for others to help them; 2) What can others do for me?


6:00 - Sign-in, get a name tag, a drink, and some snacks.

We start on schedule, so if you come late, just sign-in, get a name tag, place your $5 in the envelope and take a seat with any table of people.

6:15 – 6:25 - Introduction to the Meetup event. What is our mission? What is a Social Entrepreneur? What is Hatch? What is a Soup? What you can do to help our cause? How does this event work?

6:25 to end:

Very briefly tell your name and what you do - 1 to 2 min max.

Ask for help with one thing you need help with and one thing you could help others with (everyone can do something). This can be anything; an answer to a question, take a poll, ask for contacts in some specific field, info on a product or service you are considering, help with research or some task, critique of your pitch or idea, ask for volunteers, review their or ask others to review your website, literally ask anything that you need to move ahead with your goals (except money, you can't solicit money) with the time you have left (3 to 4 minutes).

One person starts the conversation and every five minutes we move to the next person at their table, each person gets five minutes.

Don't allow anyone to go overtime and don't allow anyone to give away their time. The whole point is to engage everyone and for each person to have the rare opportunity to actually have six to nine other intelligent, motivated people provide feedback to their needs without having to do awkward random networking.

Make sure to swap business cards or contact info with each other.

Every 15 minutes we change tables. One person stays seated and the other two move to other tables. Nobody should be sitting with someone they just sat with. This process repeats three or four times and we allow folks to group in any fashion they like for the final round or two.

Our venue is Hatch and if you don't know what Hatch is, go to It's a co-working space for social entrepreneurs and they offer a myriad of services to folks trying to launch or grow a social enterprise, business, or nonprofit org.

The last thing I would ever do is create yet another networking event where we show up, meet some random people and go home wondering why we made the journey. I want you to go home thinking; wow, that was fun and useful, I met some great people and I can't wait to go back.

You will love the venue because there is no place else like it. You will find others who care about what you are doing and who want to support you.

We ask for a $5.00 cash donation to cover the cost of beverages and treats and for the opportunity to enjoy such an event and space.

So far our Meetups have been a very relaxed, enjoyable time and we have made many new interesting friends!

I look forward to meeting new members and seeing past attendees come back.

See you at the Meetup!