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What we’re about

We are the Social Democrats of America, 145 years of progress.

We are Socialists; therefore, we believe in Free Education, Universal Health Care, Anti-Death Penalty, Pro-Abortion, Universal Basic Income, the Right to Unionize, the sanctity of the Separation of Church and State, and the belief that the Government should make life bearable for all and ensure citizens' Liberties.

In 1879, the first Socialist Workers' Congress of France was held in Marseille, a congress described as immortal, sensing that it would be the starting point for countless struggles and decisive conquests.

Nearly 145 years later, the environment of struggles has been radically transformed, but the general ambition that presided over that founding congress remains unchanged. We still believe in building a better society, in the emancipation of individuals, and in human progress. And in the service of this ambition, we have never stopped fighting for concrete rights and practical solidarity, particularly for the benefit of the most vulnerable.

The Socialist Manifesto

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