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If you have never been here, this is a great wine and liquor store, they have a HUGE selection.

They also have a tasting bar. They do tastings there on the weekends, but it is packed, and wouldn't be a good fit for our group. So I spoke to the beverage manager, and he said we could use the tasting bar on a Monday when they are not using it.

So there will not be a set tasting. We can cruise the isles, buy our favorite wine we want to enjoy or share with others, or by something you haven't tried before. We will have access to the wine bar, openers, and glasses.

They also have food if you wanted to purchase something to snack on.

I think this is really cool, we get our own tasting bar, at retail pricing.

Parking: Free self-parking

Time: 6:00pm to 8:00pm

If you have any trouble finding the place or us please feel free to call me. I will have my cell phone with me - as well as name tags for everyone.

Erica Irizarry