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Make Thanksgiving Dinner at The Ronald McDonald House

Price: $25.00 /per person

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What a great opportunity! I love the Ronald McDonald House and love anytime I can help out. Please read the bottom of this post to find out what RMH does. Everything is donated at the House, included all meals. We have the opportunity to make dinner for them.

Here is how it works: We provide the ingredients (again because everything is donated) and we also prepare the meal. We need to prepare enough to feed about 30-40 people. And we are going to make extra so we can eat with the families.

Instead of assigning everyone to bring something, I thought it would be best to collect money, and I can do all the shopping. Last time it came to $14/person. It will not be more then this.

We are only allowed 12 people total. But no more than 8 cooks in the kitchen at one time.

Since this is so important (they won't have dinner if we don't make it) please make sure you can make it before you RSVP. Last minute cancellations would really hurt us.

I will create a menu, and do all the shopping. I will have a game-plan ready when you arrive. What needs to be done and when. Last time it when really smooth. We have enough volunteers, and everything was ready on time. The families said it was one of the best meals they have had in a while.

If you have a recipe for a great dish, send me a text. Please no spaghetti or taco salad. They get that almost every night. Lets be creative, and make one of the best meals they have had this year.

Parking: Free Street Parking. They also have a parking lot just south of the house.

Time: 2pm-8pm (If you can't make it by 4pm, that's ok. 5pm or 6pm will work. But we do need some there at 4pm)

***I think I am going to make this event at 2pm. I know it will take a lot longer to make this meal. If you can't make it at 2pm, that's ok, we will need help all throughout the day and night***

Prep: 2pm-5pm (Plenty of time to make a nice dinner)

Dinner: 5pm-7pm

Clean Up: 7pm-8pm

Dress: Wear comfortable shoes, we are on our feet the whole time. Last time I wore dress shoes ( and my feet killed me the last hour.

*If you bring a child, they must be 14 years or older.

Looking forward to giving back and having a great night with you.

Robert Griffin

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About the RMH (Ronald McDonald House)

Sometimes when a child gets sick they have to go to a hospital far from their famalies. And parents want to be with their child every second during such a difficult time. In fact, many would trade places with them in they could. Since they can't, they can at least be by their side.

That's exactly why there's RMHC. They have places where famalies can be together, because they believe children heal faster when they're with loved ones.