Past Meetup

Crazy, fun game night! It's Family Fued meets Pictionary meets "Say What"?!?

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Nothing beats friends, some great games, and a night to just relax and have fun. We like it so much that we felt like sharing. So come on out, grab your friends or come out and make some new ones. I went to a couple of these and they are a blast! Craig, our host and MC, will have you rolling and gaurentee that your sides will be hurting from all the fun you will have!

Craig has put together a special happy hour pricing on wine/beer by the glass, well drinks, and some apperizters from the menu just for our group. He puts a hodge podge number of games together to make one big game. so it's always different and keeps it interesting. we do teams and individual play. lots of prizes and schwag from the bar as well as bottles of wine.

7pm. - 8pm. Social Hour and then game night starts at

8pm. until we scream UNCLE!

According to a Hasbro press release, a recent article in Psychology Today asserted that you can learn more about someone by playing a game than going on 10 dates. You can also learn more about yourself by playing a game than you can from several therapy sessions.