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WINeD DOWN WEDNESDAYS - Happy Hour on Atlantic Avenue

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This Wednesday evening meet-up member Joe Gallo is hosting the happy hour at the front bar at 75 Main. (I will be there Friday evening if you want to come by for happy hour in the lounge). This Wednesday you will find Joe at the hightop tables in the rear of the main bar. It is always a nice group and I really appreciate all of you who come every week. Friday nights I will be bartending in the back lounge from 5:30 until 9:30 and meet up members are always welcome. Last Fri. of the month is COUNTRY MUSIC night.


I have convinced the Pavilion Grille to STOP CHARGING A COVER on Thurs. nights.

Now I really need you to come out and support this live music event—I. mean really! This is a venue that would normally cost a couple thousand dollars to rent and they have opened it on Thursday nights at my request, because I have told them that there are enough blues and jazz lovers to always draw a crowd. If you have not come please do, or if you came once, come again! It is different every time and there are new faces every time. We always get 50 or more guests by the time the crowd is all there (by about 8:30). The thing that is always the same is that the band is always really good. And the drinks are always discounted.


Last but not least—if you have a true love of music and you care about keeping music education in our schools, you may want to attend an event I'm doing at the Sundy House this Wednesday evening. It is only $8 at the door and supports a nonprofit called the Swing and jazz preservation Society. You will hear two different musical performances by very different types of musicians and light appetizers are included. We will be offering memberships to the swing and jazz organization for just $20—normally $30 a year but $20 if you sign up at this event and it supports purchasing instruments and uniforms for local school band members. The organization tries to help schools whose music programs are struggling financially. WE NEED MEMBERS to show their support for this fabulous and much needed non profit.

The event at Sundy house begins at 5:30 and ends between 7:30 and eight o'clock. From there I will head over to 75 Main to catch up with Joe and the gang. !!

So there you have it—that's the scoop—you would really be doing me a wonderful favor if you did one of these two things:

-Pick a Weds or Fri. evening to have a small party at 75 Main for a birthday or your office group. I am always happy to supply complementary chocolates or cake for your group as my thank you for choosing to do it with me.

- Invite your office or an organization you belong to to attend the Wednesday evening function at Sundy house. It's called Music In the Garden and is open to anyone! (poolside courtyard weather permitting - otherwise inside). CASH AT DOOR needed, $8 exact change please.5:30 PM See the Upcoming events page of site:

Thanks so much ya'll!


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