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Weekly 24 Hour Fast + Healing
FASTING FOR SPIRITUAL AND EMOTIONAL HEALING • Resets the digestive system • Detoxifies the body • Strengthens intuition • Increases taste sensitivity and resets the tastebuds • Clears and sharpens the mind • Opens the Heart STEP 1: FAST FOR 24 HOURS Let's join together in this 24 hour fast! There is no meeting location for this event, so please export it to your calendar so you can remember when to start. The 24 hour fast at 8pm Sunday, and ends at 8pm on Monday. No food, coffee, tea, alcohol, or drugs. You may drink water. Limit your internet and tv time to only what is necessary to get work done. When you feel hungry and emotions start coming up like a wave of energy, you may notice that your mind starts going crazy and attaching all sorts of stories and compulsively thinking. Be prepared for this in advance. Hunger comes in waves, so whenever this happens, direct your attention within and observe this energy wave within you. If it's a wave of anger, let it burn through you. Observe your breath. Simply let it be. FEEL THE EMOTION. The emotion WANTS to be felt and released. The energy will start shifting on its own. Activities I highly recommend during the fast: • Rest- avoiding exercise/lifting weights • Crying- releases pent up emotions • Meditation- Connecting within • Breathing exercises- Clears the mind • Reading spiritually uplifting material • Avoiding negative content and people • Taking Naps • Being with a loving being like a person, plant, or animal or in nature Breaking the fast: To break the fast, start on Tuesday with something light and easily digestible like cereal, rice, or oatmeal/porridge. Work up to heavier foods later in the day but don't go too crazy with heavy meats on Tuesday as you will be overloading your system after it has rested for 24 hours days. Listen to your body. **Please note, you are responsible for making decisions about your own health based on your knowledge of your medical situation and physical health. If you have medications that require meals or other severe issues with not consuming food, I would not recommend the fasting part. You can skip to step 2. STEP 2: HEALING WITH HO'OPONOPONO Have you heard of the story about the psychiatrist Dr. Hew Len who cured an entire ward of patients at Hawaii state hospital by healing himself? How's that for healing to create a new reality? Simply repeat 4 phrases to yourself silently, or recorded on a device on repeat throughout the day. You don't need to say this to anyone in particular or analyze it. Especially use this during times when the difficult emotional waves come up! I LOVE YOU I'M SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME THANK YOU For more of a breakdown on Ho'oponopono: _______________________________________________________________________________________ Humans have been fasting for centuries for spiritual and healing purposes. Feeling and releasing our blocked energy, otherwise known as emotions is an integral part of spiritual practice. When we were children, we felt our emotions powerfully and expressed them. But as we grew older, most of us were conditioned and socialized to subdue them and pretend like our emotions didn't exist! As we became more conditioned into the workforce, we became more attached to our logical mind/conscious mind, and didn't realize that our emotional body/unconscious mind/inner child full of blocked and repressed emotions and trauma has been actually running the show. Many of us often use food and alcohol/drugs to stuff or distract from our painful emotions, and when that crutch is removed through fasting, we may find that our emotional/energetic field becomes more powerful and amplified (depending on your dominant emotion), and sometimes it feels unbearable to deal with (after all, we may have been burying a particular emotion/memory since childhood and it kept growing stronger in the background). This would explain why some people become "hangry" (angry out of hunger). During a fast, repressed unconscious and blocked emotions are brought to the forefront to be felt and released. You may have heard that you create your own reality. Most of us do it based on these blocked or dominant energies and emotions deep within our unconscious. By creating the intention to heal, you can start to understand what is buried deep within yourself so that you may release it. You have an immense and infinite universal energy running through you, which can be blocked through closed valves here and there. Let's release them and use that energy for good!


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Have you ever heard adults in conversation that sound like each one is talking in their own channel but not actually connecting with another? Does small talk often feel robotic or like an interrogation? (First dates anyone?) In the modern day, when we start talking and exchanging thoughts, we are most often expressing or regurgitating our own social conditioning, and when the ego gets involved, there is less and less space for a true authentic connection. Relationships become superficial and opportunistic. Silences become “awkward” and uncomfortable. Conversations can become performances or even competitions. The mind wants to fill in the space with words, witty banter, bragging, passive aggressive sarcasm, valuable gossip, intellectual peacocking, selfies, pulling out the old smartphone, anything to feel like it’s doing a good job socially. But you already know that when you DO connect deeply with another person, it has little to do with any those things. Connection has to do with a deeper dimension of recognition of ourselves within the other, and less about the words exchanged or how many social rules you followed or how many trophies you got.

Humans have become more thinking and less “being." For centuries, we have made our thinking mind as the Boss, and as a result, fallen into a seemingly never ending hole of suffering, misery, and a disconnection with each other as a result of destructive and compulsive thinking. The ego/mind is a useful tool for certain areas of life, but does little for the true connection needed for relationships. The ego likes to stand out, be separate, and special. But in this pursuit, the state of relationships in our current era ruled by the mind and ego is reflected in our divorce rates, emotional unavailability, lack of intimacy, excessive need for substances as social lubricants, endless dating/superficial relationships, and general unhappiness in marriages and friendships. That which connects deeply with another is the divine source and intelligence that breathes life into us.

The aim of this meetup event is to foster the natural authentic connection between humans and all of life. It is a different level than how we normally communicate. This is done by combining presence that arises from inward focus, breathwork and meditation, and eye gazing with other humans. To best serve this goal and quieten the mind, it is strongly requested that you maintain complete Silence from beginning to end. No talking, answering phones, texting, etc.. Consider this as a meditation practice (a silent Happy Hour if you will). If tears or laughter come out as a result of the practice, feel free to express it, but please be mindful to not disturb others. We hope to bring the human back into its natural state of being within the natural universe, and by practicing presence with other people, we can bring this to our other relationships as well.

Attendance Policy: It's important to get an accurate count of people attending the eye gazing meditation events, since it involves partner work. Please RSVP only if you plan on attending. If you cannot attend for any reason, make sure to change your RSVP to a "No." Attendance will be recorded. If you are a No Show (3 times) you will be removed from the group.

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