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This group is for anyone who loves to travel!!!

Characteristics of a travel group member:

-Must love to travel

-Loves soft adventure such as ziplining, ocean sailing, Maine safaris, etc.

-Positive minded a must

-Passion for great food/dining and culture

ACTIVITY IS IMPORTANT: It is required that each new member attend at least two meetups per year. I figure if you cannot find at least 2 meetups that interest you in one year, then this group may not be for you.

MEMBERSHIPS NEED APPROVAL: Membership to the group is not automatic any more, it has to be approved. We will only approve members that seem to be a good fit for the group. If you are removed by anyone from the leadership team or leave the group, you will not be able to return. This is in hope that we attract and remain a travel group of POSITIVE, like-minded people. The best part of this group are the connections and friendships we make with each other. I feel that, we as whole, can accomplish and do a lot of good in helping humanity and taking care of this beautiful world we all share and live in.

RSVP POLICY: If you RSVP to a trip or event and do not show, you will be removed from the group (and I hate doing it). We take RSVPs seriously and I base important decisions such as placing deposits and signing contracts based on the head count. I have been in several binds, losing lots of money based on people RSVPing but not following through. If you RSVP where a deposit is required right away and you don't place your deposit (unless you notify me and make reasonable arrangements), you will be removed from the trip so that others have the opportunity to join the trip. If this happens more than once, you will be removed from the membership altogether. There are several trips now where some members have not paid their deposit and we have a sizable waiting list. I will be going through those lists and removing members from the trip so that others on the waiting list has the opportunity to join in on the trip.

THANK YOU!! I would like to thank everyone who has been a part of this group thus far. It has been an incredible journey and we've had some (and will continue to have) amazing experiences! I would like everyone to know that this group is built by you!! I take everyone's ideas, suggestions, concerns, and feedback and create ways to make this group better. A lot of destinations and itineraries are from other members. If you have a suggestion, please message me directly.

Anyone, from anywhere is allowed to join our group.

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