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Special Event: Course Creation - Hands-on Training

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* Instructional Session *

Transform your knowledge to an online course with students!

Continuing in our series of events to help more people overcome fear, obstacles, and plain old "lack of knowledge".. to create original, quality, and beneficial instructional courses to share online.

The intended real result of this event is to be able to create a live, functioning course on the Udemy platform (optional - the content could be hosted in other ways if the course owner desires). The 3-hour format will allow for one lesson to be created, by each attendee, to kick-start their confidence & motivation to finish a course.

This event is free of charge (future ones may not be) and you will need to bring a laptop computer to fully benefit. Some optional equipment which we also will share are: medium to high-quality microphone (which you can connect to your laptop via usb or mic/headphone jack), webcam (USB connection), MS Office PowerPoint 2014 (full version or 30-day trial version of Office 360 / Office 2013). If possible, the event will be live-streamed for people to participate in other ways.


( Optional - due to no location, other options to get attendees ready are being explored: Friday (Day 1): 7pm - 9pm - initial introduction, presentation, & course brainstorming for participants - a separate event will be posted if this is set up. Brainstorm your topics/ideas using the materials to be provided. )

Saturday (in-person event): 10:30am - 1:30pm.

NEW ACCELERATED SCHEDULE (at the library location):

• 10:30am - 11 - Course Creation part A - Assemble & Outline

• 11am - 11:30 - Course Creation part B - Begin Production (1 lesson content & recording)

• 11:30pm - 12pm - Begin Production (editing & rendering) - each attendee, using their own laptop/equipment.

• 12pm - 12:30 - Break, continue production

• 12:30 - 1:30 - Course Creation part C - Course Launch & Marketing - announcing, growing your course.

• 1:30 - 2pm - wrap-up (and attendees can continue course creation)!

( Optional - due to no location, other options to assist attendees are being explored: Sunday (Day 3): afternoon - Course Creation continued: polishing & improvements - strategies & tools.)


1. I don't have a working laptop - can I do this on a tablet/phone/etc.? You can do some or all of it, depending on what device you have, what apps are loaded, and your ability to use the device to create this type of video content.

2. What if I don't want to appear on camera to teach this course? Appearing on-camera is optional, and not necessary. The content will be text / visual material, combined with audio voiceovers. MS PowerPoint 2015 can produce HD videos which are perfect for uploading to Udemy and other hosting platforms.

3. What if I have a strong accent or a voice that isn't nice? You can ask others (or bring someone) to narrate your course. You can also speak the audio part yourself, and easily replace it later with another better version (of your own voice, or someone else's).

4. I cannot attend all of the sessions - which one is the most important? This is hard to answer, but if you have no course outline, then Saturday morning would be best. If you have an outline, then Saturday afternoon. You can also attend via internet if we are able to make that happen.

If you're any of the following people, you should attend this meeting:

Anyone who has a course project in mind or already started and wants to make it happen.

Anyone who would like to get started in making this type of content, or focusing their knowledge to help others learn

Someone who wants to meet and network with others who have similar interests.

People who would like to help facilitate this event are also welcome - if you don't have a course to make but want to assist in the event, join us!.

Light food & refreshments may be provided (checking with the library on their policy).

No cost to attend.

Photo from one of our other events in the past: