"Software builders cannot call themselves engineers"

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The title of the debate takes us back to last Summer. One of our associates shared two Dutch articles with our IT consultants through whatsapp (cause that’s the way we communicate) “Softwarebouwers mogen zich geen ingenieurs noemen” and “Code schrijven is niet hetzelfde als bruggen bouwen”. It is especially the first article, written by Rudolf de Schipper (Senior Project Manager at technology company Unisys) that made our IT consultants upset, as he called software developers "amateurs" and not worthy of the name "engineers". Also for Kris Peeters (founder and CEO of Data Minded) this was something hard to digest and he strongly replied the week afterwards. “When a project fails, it isn’t the fault of the engineers, but of the management.” Because, according to him, engineers know quite well how to deal with optimisations.

Since at Komma Board we have the “just do it” mentality, we reached out to both men and guess what! They bite. So we are happy to announce that both men will continue their debate, live, on 24 September and we’ll be in the front row. Second guess what? We will be involved in the debate as well, cause we have a lot doubts and questions!

Interested to join and eager to share your thoughts? Welcome on board.

Moderator Jeroen Tiebout, alumni Komma Board, amateur generalist, developer and initiator, will steer the debate in the right direction. We promise you, his analyses and questions are sharp and enlightening.

18.00 - 18.55 Welcome with snacks and tapas
19.00 - 20.25 Debate Rudolf de Schipper against Kris Peeters
20.15 - 20.30 Q&A’s
20.30 - 22.00 Network reception

Yes please! Would you like to know how spicy this discussion will get then just join and register before 20 September, it’s for the drink and the tapas’ sake.

We look forward to seeing you, especially your sharp and critical vision.

Do keep in mind that this session will be held in Dutch and not in English.