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SoCraTes Open Space: Kortrijk!

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SoCraTes Open Space: Kortrijk!


SoCraTes Kortrijk is an open space event for discussing everything related to software engineering.
It is for everybody who follows the path of self improvement and tries to be the best he can.

Sweet Mustard is sponsor of this event and will provide pizza and drinks for the participants .

Pizzas arrive between 18.30 at 18.45
We will order a mix of pizzas according to the number of participants.
Thank you so much for keeping your status updated to inform us whether or not you can make it, as we don't want to waste precious food!
If you have special requests concerning your pizza, please let us know up front.

You are welcome no matter how experienced you are.
Because software craftsmanship is about learning from each other, taking responsibility for your work and being proud of what you do.

Socrates meetups are about having fun, having interesting discussions and sharing knowledge with each other.

The meetings are held in open space format which means the agenda of the meeting is created the evening itself. Nobody is obliged to suggest a topic or to do public speaking (but we do secretly hope that you'll be an active member because that is what makes the open space format shine!).

How does it work?
The first 15-20 minutes will be devoted to lightning talks. So if you've got a cool demo, some new technology or just something you think the group might find interesting, controversial or just plain funny, bring it along and share with the group! (again, no obligation)

Don't worry if you've never given a lightning talk before - this is a great opportunity to exercise talking in a friendly environment. We have a projector you can use.

All lightning talks are restricted to no more than five minutes (It is a lightning talk after all!).

After the lightning talks we create the agenda for the evening.
We ask people to suggest topics for the discussion. After the topics are suggested, we put up a so called marketplace for the rest of the evening. They'll be several 30 minute sessions in parallel and everyone can choose which session they want to participate in.

You have full control of what you want to discuss with the group.
Still not clear ? Don't worry, you'll see soon enough how it goes!

There is a parking lot with barrier. But you can ride up and the bar will open.

Software Crafting and Testing Belgium
Software Crafting and Testing Belgium
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