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Regular Meeting - Every Second Sunday of the month

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Brian Y.


Our topic this month will be "What is free speech?".

There are a few secondary questions you might want to consider in conjunction with this:

What is the nature of rights in general and how does this relate to free speech in particular?

Why is free speech a good thing given that it means that certain ideas expressed under its auspices must be wrong since people will contradict one another? What concrete bad things happen when free speech is violated?

What about commonly recognized exceptions such as "time, place, and manner" laws (e.g. no bullhorn speech at 3:00am), libel, slander, fraud, criminal conspiracies, and incitement to violence?

Does this apply to the free press too?
Zephyr Coffeehouse and Art Gallery
2419 E. Colorado Blvd. · Pasadena, CA
How to find us

We are normally in the "Yellow" room, but if you are confused you can ask the barista.

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