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Film and Discussion: "The Economics of Happiness"

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Please come for this very current topic, much in the public and private discourse in this part of Madison, as well as the rest of the world. This marks a change in our set format. We have been having small turnouts; and think that this may bring in some new faces! I am heartened that some of you are replying for this event! How about some more of you?! Thank you, Terry, for informing us that this film lasts 65 minutes.

The film covers the massive expansion of power of big business and banking via corporate globalization. "[N]early every problem" is worsened: climate, ethnic conflict, unemployment, mounting pressures at work. Speakers in the film will suggest localization and community.

"Donations accepted," by the host, Redamte Coffeehouse, applies to this film. Please use your own judgment whether or not it is necessary to support this small business by donating or purchasing refreshment, OK?

I do not know whether our dialogue on this topic will end with the discussion, continue within our smaller group that same evening, or be postponed for perhaps two weeks.

Please come at our regular start time of 7:00 p.m., so that we can make use of the option of buying refreshments, find each other before the room is darkened, and maybe hold a business meeting, OK? Thanks! I am concerned that it may be crowded.


Richard R.



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