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June 2014 meeting -- Tokyo Socrates Cafe

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The topic for this month is "Whaling rights or saving face?"

Japan has had a long tradition of whaling as land-based protein is
difficult to raise in a mountainous country and access to cheap
sea-based protein is readily available. A moratorium on commercial
whaling was established by the International Whaling Commission in
1982, but Japan continued to hunt whales under a scientific research
provision. Following a suit filed by Australia in 2010 claiming that
the scientific research was in effect commercial whaling, the
International Court of Justice ruled in March 2014 that Japan must
stop their whaling activities in the Antarctic. Japan has agreed to
abide by the ruling.

Did Japan want to continue whaling? Do whales deserve special
protection? Let's discuss this at the next Socrates. Please note that
Socrates discussions are not debates or a forum for one or two
speakers to dominate a table. We encourage respectful participation
from all members.

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Please note that we will be conducting this event in two groups at different locations. You can check the RSVP status of both on the main page, and sign up for whichever you prefer.

As always:

1) We will hold the discussion at Gonpachi from 3:00pm to 5:00pm, then move to Failte for more open discussion afterward.

2) Please note that Meetup's map for Gonpachi is incorrect! The correct location can be seen here on Google Maps ( Also, information about Failte can be found at their webpage (

3) Though there is no charge for the meetup, please order at least a drink or a snack at Gonpachi as they have been kind enough to allow us to use their space without any charge.

4) Please keep your RSVP as up-to-date as possible, even if you're updating on the morning of the meeting.

5) Please try to be on time. If you'll be more than 30 minutes late, please consider joining us after we finish around 5:00pm.

-The Organizers


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