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"We can build our solarpunk society in the places and moments that the state neglects." --Andres Dana Hudson.

A salon (, like those so proliferate in France back in the day, is a cultural hub of like-minded individuals who are interested in discussing philosophy, art, science, culture, politics, spirituality, and other interests in order to further personal and collective growth. The salon honors the talents, thoughts, and abilities of its participants who in turn influence each other, creating a strong momentum of forward-moving energy.

Solarpunk ( is a visionary and ideological approach to our advancement as human beings. Whereas steampunk looked to the past and re-imagined what the worldmight have been if we had focused more on utilization of steam power, solarpunk works in the present by truly believing in the potential of a brighter future, which is a fresh way of approaching a world that seems intent on keeping us fear-based and immobile. When we have begun to lose hope in ourselves as a human race, solarpunk has the gall to look at where we are shining. Did you know, for instance, that solar energy usage, as well as investments into solar infrastructure, are rising dramatically in recent years ( This is a reminder to us that our better nature as humans is not extinct, despite what the media seems to be pounding into us. Solarpunk is not about blinding ourselves to reality, it is about recognizing that our reality is so much more than we have been allowing it to be.

Solarpunk embraces its message of possibility and hope in the areas of self-expression, creativity, free exchange of thought, openness to new ideas, embracing positive usage of technology, etc. It is an overarching philosophy that we can tie our collective and individual ballons to--it is a noble approach to life that can give us wings to soar beyond what we thought were limiting horizons.

Put together, the solarpunk salon will be a space where we can come together, speak our truth, and hear and be inspired by the truths of others. It will be a place of acceptance, a space that honors individual expression and promotes us all to leap forward in life, embracing positive thought and action without fear of what the outcome might be, and without fear of limitations.

Come, come to the Solarpunk Salon! The doors are open!

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