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"Common SENSE is instinct. Enough of it is genius."

George Bernard Shaw

The goal of the Soloprenerds is to reduce the learning curve that so many of us face when working alone. It doesn’t matter if you work from home, run your own business, make extra income online or off, are in a Network Marketing company, or just have an idea to break you out of the 9-5 routine. All who are interested in sharing their business knowledge are welcome!

Our topics are only limited by what you want to discuss. Suggestions include:

--Internet Marketing and SEO
--Managing e-Newsletter campaigns
--Approaching funding sources
--Business legal issues
--Creating a website
--Blogging and article marketing
--Facebook Fan Pages
--Twitter Marketing
--Figuring out the appeal of Pintrest
--Creating YouTube videos
--Publishing a book or ebook
--Hosting webinars
--Using Market Research to boost business
--Developing killer Marketing and Publicity campaigns
--Mastering Money Management
--Playing Cashflow to increase financial awareness
--Business Book Discussions
--and enjoy social networking events to cut down on the isolation of working solo

Since running this Meetup takes time, effort, and yes, money, (Did you know that organizers pay dues? And venues cost money? Crazy!) there are nominal charges for certain events. Others will be by donation. All money collected will go back to the group to defray speaker fees, venue rental, refreshments, and administrative costs. (Don't forget: all costs are tax deductible as a business expense.) Our ultimate goal is to create a supportive environment for your business to grow and prosper…and we request that our members appreciate our efforts by making a small contribution.

Ongoing events include:

"Figure it out Sessions": come hang out at various venues across Seattle and the Eastside and bring a project that you’re stuck on. Could be a web-bug, setting up your fan page, writing a press release, or just getting feedback on a project. Don’t worry, we’ll figure it out together!

Play Cashflow: Developed by Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad/Poor Dad) this game teaches you how to think outside the "rat race" by showing you how to manage finances and take advantage of investment opportunities as they come up. It’s a fun way to get your financial learn on!

Business Book Club: Charlie "Tremendous" Jones once said: “You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.” Time to meet some people, and read some books, doncha think? Let’s tackle some old standards and new classics to expand our knowledgebase.

Networking Events: Come on out and meet other indie business owners in a relaxed atmosphere. No pitching, no selling, no formal speaker, just a casual way to meet people who share your same interests.

Featured Speakers: Specific topics geared towards YOUR interests as a solopreneur and indie business owner. Want to suggest a topic? Interested in speaking? Great! Contact Bethany for how to get started.

Volunteers are ALWAYS welcome! You can help by:

Recommending this group and our events to all your solopreneur and indie business friends!

Suggesting good speakers with relevant topics

Finding cost-effective venues for events: quiet spaces with wi-fi and digital projectors, or more casual venues (like restaurants) for happy hours and social get-togethers. Independently owned venues are preferred to chains. (ie: Starbucks has enough market share…let’s support our indie-business neighbors, ok?)

Suggesting community events that appeal to our members (talks through Town Hall, other Meetup events, community classes geared towards developing your business skills, etc)

Finding sponsors for the group to help defray costs

Being an Event Host, (moderate if needed, take photos, set up/tear down, collect donations, seat latecomers, etc)

Monitoring the message board

Posting events through your own social network, website/blog, or community (if appropriate, of course)


All we ask of any member is that you are interested, engaged, and involved. Remember that this is not a dating Meetup, so don’t be creepy. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Don’t spam or oversell members. Respect other’s ideas, insights, and confidences. Show up if you RSVP "Yes." Come with an open mind, open heart, and aim to give…not just get.

We want to support the small business community and are happy to help you promote your events through Soloprenerds. Here are the various options available to you and your group:

1) Any Soloprenerds member, near and far, can post their events for free on the Soloprenerds message boards: https://www.meetup.com/soloprenerds/messages/boards (https://www.meetup.com/sen-se/messages/boards/)

2) You can list your event in our monthly newsletter. If your event is free, the listing is free. If your event has a fee, then the listing has a fee equal to one ticket, with a $10 minimum. You must get the title of the event, day/date/time and link to us by the 27th of the month for the next month. Payments can be sent through Paypal to the email: succeed (at) soloprenerds (dot) com

3) After we get to know you and your group a little better, we can co-host an event. All of our speakers go through a vetting process, (we want to avoid the "sales-pitch disguised as actual content" phenomenon) and once you've attended a few events and see how we do things, we can absolutely work together. This arrangement would have your event on the main page of Soloprenerds and splitting the registration fees.

Legal liability disclaimer stuff:

Soloprenerds and/or its management, members, sponsors, advertisers, volunteers et al, accept no responsibility for any injuries, harm, or loss to individuals or businesses participating in any Soloprenerds events. Each person should understand that they are participating as an independent individual and is responsible for their own actions and that of their business. Safety is the utmost importance when connecting people online, and you agree to follow common sense guidelines when attending, hosting, and participating in events. We have a no-refund/no-rollover policy for fee-based events due to the time, effort, and money it takes for us to coordinate events, venues, and speakers. Make sure you are able to participate in fee-based events before submitting payment. Participation is 100% voluntary and each individual and business does so at their own risk.

It just makes SENSE to work together ☺

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