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Somatics combines the realms of the body and the mind, which were never to be divided in the first place. Diagnostically speaking, working somatically means paying attention to the body. Heart rate, muscle tension, and the nature of one's breath are major indicators of what's happening in a person's emotional landscape. The body speaks in simple, clear terms, and these practices take you beyond the "why" into the "how."

My workshops focus on various topics but always have a strong mindfulness and body-based component. This can serve to support your ongoing work with your therapist or act as an experiential introduction to somatic therapy.

My work is intersectional, feminist, LGBTQIA, POC and neurodiversity informed and aware, and always sex-positive.

You are invited to visit my website (http://www.heatherbrewermft.com) for more information about my work.

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