Bucks County: Farms, Barns and Bridges Photo Workshop

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This is a paid workshop, please don't RSVP until you have registered and paid at https://lorenphotos.com/mevents/bucks-county-farms-barns-and-bridges-photo-workshop/

Bucks County, Pennsylvania is known for historic covered bridges, lovely old barns and beautiful rural scenes. Spend a day photographing the beauty as Loren Fisher takes you to some of his favorite places.

We will be traveling together in Loren’s 12-passenger Sprinter van, so you don’t have to worry about getting around or finding a place to park, since that can be tricky at some of our remote locations.

We’ll photograph a beautiful farm with an old mill and pond, it is a gorgeous scene off the beaten path. We will visit scenic covered bridges, beautiful red barns and streams wandering through the forests.

The route has been planned so we can grab food when needed and also have restroom breaks. You may want to bring snacks if you tend to get hungry during the afternoon, there will be plenty of water in the van. This is a countryside workshop, we won't be in towns very much.

You can join the workshop at two locations: Bridgewater, NJ at 12:00 p.m. or in New Hope, PA at 1:00 p.m. Exact locations will be sent once you register. We’ll shoot all day and will be back in New Hope by 7:00 p.m.

Transportation during the workshop is included. You will be dropped off near all the shooting locations so you won’t need to do a lot of walking, unless you like to wander off on your own. We will be in some fields and on uneven ground, it is suggested wearing hiking boots for protection.

This workshop is for all levels of photographers, from iPhoners to experts. Loren will help you get the shots you are hoping for. You’ll want to have both wide angle and telephoto lenses, a zoom that covers both is great. If you have a macro lens, bring it, there are lots of details that make great images. You’ll also want a sturdy tripod. There won’t be a place to get batteries or extra memory cards, so bring plenty.

We’ll be out shooting even if it is raining, unless it is a thunderstorm, so be prepared. Rural scenes can actually be enhanced by the rain, it can be a great time to make photos. If we do happen to get rain, Loren will show you several things to keep your photo gear dry. There will be plenty of microfiber towels and CGBs (Clear Garbage Bags, official photographer gear).

Limited to 11 photographers

For more info and to register go to https://lorenphotos.com/mevents/bucks-county-farms-barns-and-bridges-photo-workshop/

There will be participants who are not members of this Meetup.