Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn at Night Photo Workshop

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This is a paid workshop, please don't RSVP until you have registered and paid at https://lorenphotos.com/mevents/lower-manhattan-and-brooklyn-at-night-photography-workshop/

Join professional photographers Loren Fisher and Ron Lake as we share some of our favorite New York City locations for a fun evening photography workshop.

Loren has solved the problem of getting around New York by providing transportation during the workshop in his 12 passenger Mercedes Sprinter van, which has plenty of room for you and your equipment. You can join the tour in Bridgewater, NJ, Penn Station in New York or at Grand Central Terminal and then all you need to think about is making outstanding images and taking the sights.

Our first stop is the iconic Flatiron Building. Photos of the unusual building are always fun and we’ll show you some different angles and things to try. There are lots of other things going on in the neighborhood with plenty of activity to photograph.

Then we get back in the van and cross the Brooklyn Bridge into Brooklyn before the sun sets. We’ll make “blue hour” photos of Manhattan reflecting in the East River from a cool location south of the bridge where old wood pilings emerge from the river. We’ll then go back up to the Dumbo area (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass) and get shots of what was once the world’s tallest structure as it crosses the river. If you want to take a little hike, you can go up on the pedestrian area of the bridge where there are many interesting photos to be had. There is lots of activity in the area around the bridge to make fun photos. We’ll grab some quick food from the many vendors.

We leave Brooklyn and go over to the World Trade Center and around the 9/11 Memorial, which looks great at night. After shooting the memorial we’ll make magnificent images of the surrounding buildings including the Freedom Tower and the extremely photogenic Oculus, the new WTC transportation hub. What was once a scene of devastation is now an amazing maze of massive buildings. If you like, you can go up to the Freedom Tower observation deck and get an overall view of the city.

When we leave the WTC area we’ll get away from the crowd and make a stop at one of my favorite little known places where we’ll get unique elevated views down 42nd Street and also fun traffic shots looking east toward Long Island City.

We end the action packed day at 10:30 p.m. and you will be taken back to where you joined us.

You will be transported to the great locations so there won’t be a tremendous amount of walking, but you still will need to walk two or three blocks in some locations. Finding public restrooms in New York is always a challenge but I have planned the evening so we will be near restrooms as often as possible.

It doesn’t matter what level of photographer you are, we’ll be able to help you with settings and make sure you are getting great shots. Since most of this tour is at night, you’ll want a good steady tripod. Stay away from the cheap travel tripods, they will be shaky and when you get home and load your photos in your computer you will be disappointed. You will want to have both wide angle and telephoto lenses with you, so plan on having a small bag or backpack to carry your equipment.

We will moving as a group but you may want to wander away from the group at some locations. There will be meeting times and locations at every stop, it is imperative that you are at the meeting place on time, I won’t hold up the entire group waiting for one person. If you are late and we had to leave, you’ll have to grab a cab to catch up with us.

Limited to 10 photographers

Premium/Returning clients: $199
Regular registration: $229

For more info and to register: https://lorenphotos.com/mevents/lower-manhattan-and-brooklyn-at-night-photography-workshop/

There will be photographers attending who are not members of this meetup.