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As Jon Spencer once sang: "Fellas, let's get together and write a song."

The 11 O'Clock Get-Together is for that.

It is a workshop-based group where we come together to WRITE A SONG.

We're not talking bare-bones chords and lyrics but a fully developed song that we could (and very well might) record together, drum fills, humming, hand claps and all. As professional songwriter Ross Golan ( https://www.andthewriteris.com ) has often said, back in the day many of the people who made important contributions to writing a song were neglected, such as the session musician who came up with the memorable bass hook that people couldn't get out of their heads. Now songwriting is more democratic and we credit everyone who contributes to making the song what it is.

This group is a work-in-progress and each encounter offers different possibilities, depending on who is in the room that day. What you get from the project depends on what you bring and how you choose to interact. We ask that you leave your ego and songwriting masterpieces safely at home and bring only your voice, your instruments and your goodwill. All song ideas we'll figure out during the sessions.

The group may well evolve over time but for the time being the following seems likely to be true.

1) We get together and improvise some bits.

2) We see how we can fit those bits together into a song.

3) Rinse and repeat.

If you're curious, please come join us. Even if you've never written a song or improvised before. There is a power in a union.

Note that these songs and sessions may be used for future work, such as being recorded or reworked; any recordings or new versions may have an afterlife. You are free to be a part of such reworking or you may choose to disassociate yourself from the any future development altogether. All such requests will be respected (but must be received in writing). All creations and contributions remain the property of group of people who contributed to the songs, as a collective, and will be created as such. All participation in the project is at the discretion of the organizer but he is a reasonable man and has created the group because he enjoys it. He hopes that everyone can help keep the experience positive and welcoming.

Maybe we might even organize a show at some point ...




ABOUT THE ORGANIZER: I am a poet, novelist, lyricist and aspiring songwriter, working as a freelance editor and translator (see http://www.v11.org or http://www.facebook.com/agmiddlet/).

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