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Monday Evening Singles - Galvin Park

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For intermediate players.

To keep games competitive and fun we ask that players be at least 3.0 NTPR Playing Level: (

Sign up available 30 minutes until Meetup starts. If no one signs up it will be cancelled.

• Odd number of people signed up: Don’t let an odd number of people discourage you from signing up. There are lots of people that are flexible about what we play or how we play so that everyone gets to play.

• Critique: To keep this tennis meet up fun and social refrain from unsolicited critique and negative feedback. Most of us know when we have made a mistake and trying to “help” by pointing out what was done wrong deters people from coming back and dampers everyone’s enjoyment. If you have the desire to “help” someone have the courtesy to ask first and then respect their choice.

• No shows: We all have times when things get in the way our plans and we can’t make it to the meet up. Commenting that you can’t make it is good communication but please have the courtesy to change your RSVP to NO. If the event organizer has to change you RSVP then it will be changed to “No Show.” This could have an influence on being able to participate in this meet up.

• Drop ins: We all have opportunities where we suddenly have the free time to come a meet up and occasionally it is fine to drop in. Habitual dropping in is frowned upon. Please have the courtesy to take the time to RSVP. Depending on court availability those that drop in might not be included in the meet up.

• Showing up late: It is okay to show up late. Please add a comment to meet up if want to play but aren’t able to arrive until a certain time. This will make it easier to coordinate the meet up.


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