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What we’re about

Consciousness Development through methods such as Study of Self, Unschooling the Unconscious, The Yoga Beyond, Consciousness Nomadism, The Fourth Way of Consciousness, and more...

Work in facilitated cohorts of people interested in exploring and developing their consciousness. This is deep work that goes beyond regular self-help, meditation, and other techniques. Specially for people who are tired of self-help and other superficial methods that only help cope and manage without real healing. Our focus is on applying the lessons in life to transform the way we deal with everyday situations. This work is therapeutic done in an enjoyable way, while creating a cohort of people who open and support each other.

With support from a highly skilled and experienced facilitator who is working with offline and online groups for over 8 years, we co-create and foster an environment of learning and empowerment. You can read testimonials and Q&A of group members who have been participating for several years.

You can learn more about the methods via our blog and vodcast/podcast and website.