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This group is for women who are interested in exploring personal growth and healing through alternative healing modalities such as energy work and metaphysical tools such as Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, etc.

The Soul Empowered Woman was created to support other women who are on a similar path while creating a community where we can support and learn from one another.

The goal is to provide the group with the resources, tools and strategies they need to continue their transformational process without having to do it all alone.

I will be offering LIVE Monthly talks and workshops to help you along your path and we will also hear from other women who have valuable insights to share about how to navigate through this process with clarity, courage and confidence.


During our time together we'll explore topics like:

• How to Manifest with The Moon Cycles.

• How to Manage Emotional Stress with Essential Oils.

• How to Accelerate Your Self Awareness Path with Astrology.

• How to Let Go of Painful Emotional Patterns with Energy Release Work.

• How to Identify Your Personal Healing Cycle Phase with Numerology.

• How to Make Sense of Your Spiritual Growth Journey with The Tarot.

And so much more...

I look forward to connecting with you in person at one of our upcoming meetups :)

To You Soul Empowered Success,

~Monica Lorraine

Upcoming events (1)

Complimentary 20 Minute Astrology Sessions This Saturday: Want One For Yourself?

ALL CALLS WILL BE SCHEDULED FOR SATURDAY MAY 25th BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 10:00AM - 4:00PM. If you need another day or time please message me. :) NOTE: You must use this link to complete your sign up for a session. http://www.soulempoweredastrology.com/form Ever Wish You're Life Came With an Instruction Manual ​so You Could Just Focus on What's Important? Could You Uses a Little Clarity at This Time? Then I'm happy you opened this invitation. ;) I'm Monica Lorraine and I would love to show you how to use your personal Astrology chart to ditch all the guesswork, stop the needless confusion and dive right in to how you are uniquely designed to experience more freedom and fulfillment in all areas of your life. Over the past 10 years I've helped women quickly go from confusion to clarity about the things that really matter to them and I'll do the same for you. :) ​That's why I open up a few spots in my schedule when my calendar permits it for... ***A Complimentary 20 Minute ​Astrology Clarity Session*** Understanding your personal astrology chart will help you experience... ​>>> More fulfillment in relationships. >>> Increased financial abundance. >>> More creativity, purpose & meaning in your life. >>> More confidence when it comes to making positive choices in all areas of your life with your personal timing cycle. >>> Increased Inner peace, awareness & faith that all things are working in your favor with your spiritual destiny map. During our call I'm going to... + Provide you with real answers about your current questions and circumstances. + Clarify some specific steps you can take that will get you going in the right direction so you can stop worrying and get moving. + Offer you 2 helpful resources guaranteed to get you thinking clearly so you can give yourself permission to go after what you really want in the areas of life, career or relationships.​​ + ​​Gift you with a copy of your Astrological Birth Chart so you can continue to learn more about yourself and grow into the life you desire and deserve. All you have to do is take a moment to answer a few questions and provide me with ​your birth information so I can prepare your chart in advance. NOTE: Please allow 24-48 hours for a response. You must use this link to complete your sign up for this session. http://www.soulempoweredastrology.com/form ​I look forward to speaking with you! ~Monica Lorraine Breakthrough and Empowerment Coach - Astrologer NOTE: THERE ARE ONLY 6 AVAILABLE.

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