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Blessings OC Spiritual CommUnity!!

We are here to honor ALL of Life as Sacred.

Soul Sanctuary is a beacon to attract and cultivate a CommUnity of Lovers and Truth Seekers who are/desire to BE Guardians and Stewards of Our Sacred Hearts, Each Other and Pacha Mamma, Mother Earth.

All levels of curious, open minded and/or spiritually enlightened individuals who desire to be around more awakened/awakening souls are invited to join :)

Events will vary, primarily Full Moon Fire Ceremonies, New Moon Water Ceremonies and can include movement, meditation, song, sacred plant medicine, ecstatic dance, performing arts, sound healing & more =)

I look forward to meeting those whose hearts and souls are drawn to these spiritual gatherings.

Peace be with YOU.

Aho Amen Ashe' Namaste'

Shaman Peter

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Full Moon Gathering Slash Shaman Peter’s Birthday Celebration 🎉✨💖🌕

Blessings Soul Family,

Ready to feel flow and become balanced as we fall into autumn?

Come transform grief, depression and resentment into Acceptance, Happiness and Loving Kindness as we embrace autumns ease and bounty.

I am thankful to welcome Soul Sanctuary OC Spiritual CommUnity to our beautiful balcony overlooking Newport Harbor near Lido in Newport Beach. All like minded individuals seeking Love, Truth & Spirit are invited. I will be leading sacred circle to honor our next full moon 🌕 on Saturday 10/8 @ 7pm.

I will build an altar, guide meditation, facilitate connection, invite expression, offer prayer, share song, invite dance and uplifting vibrations.

This transition between seasons is honored by thee Earth element by some, as we step into metal, creating stability, structure and support.

What Brings YOU Peace?

How Can YOU Embrace What IS?

Full moon energy is a special time for Celebration and Releasing what no longer serves!!

You are invited to bring your own altar pieces, crystals or sacred symbols to be cleansed and nourished by Mamma Quilla Grandmother Moon, our sacred circle and communal blessings.

Our Full Moon Ceremony sequence will include (depending on size of group and our collective energy this may shift. subtely):

  • Smudging to cleanse our energy
  • Grounding guided meditation
  • Create space for everyone to say hello and express their intentions
  • Invocation, Prayer, Andean Medicine Wheel to support our prayers
  • Song & Dance

Blankets, camping chairs, yoga mats, pillows, drums, rattles, musical instruments, snacks, warm drinks, water and anything your heart is inspired to bring for yourself &/or to share is welcome :)

Less is more.

Slow is fast.

If you are unable to come on time, come when you can, just please be mindful and quiet when approaching if we are in a meditative state.

This is a dry event. Please do not drink alcohol before coming, or bring any to this gathering. This is a hard boundary.

Please park on the back left side of parking lot along harbor 👍😇👍

This is a donation based gathering.
Suggested offering is $22.

Tithing is a positive practice for your Spiritual Growth and Evolution.

Your true gift is being present.
YOU are Welcome to Come and Bring a Loved One Open to Experience CommUnity!!

If you have any questions, please email me at [masked] or text me @[masked].

I suggest planning to arrive early ~6:45pm to get settled in.

I am thankful for you reading this far. If you have, follow thee whisper within.

This is for YOU!

Give Thanks =)

Aho Amen Ashe' Namaste'

Your Friend and Ally,

Shaman Peter 🌞

New Moon Medicine Tribe: Cacao + Meditation + Movement + Sound Healing

Needs a location


Blessings Soul Family,

What IS Your Dream?

What Are Your Deepest Desires?

What Keeps YOU Up at Night?!

If YOU Had Infinite Resources, What Would YOU Create?

Come join US as WE Remember Who WE are and Why WE are here.

New Moon is a time of sewing new seeds, and tending to thee garden of our life.

What are your Dreams?
Do YOU Have a Vision Guiding Your Soul?

This IS a time to soften, settle and surrender into deeper states of awareness, to remember your sacred mission, and devotionally step deeper into Experiencing Peace, Joy & Love Daily.

When we have a map of where we desire to go and be, and a compass that guides us to get there, we can more gracefully flow towards our ideal reality aligned with our Destiny.

YOU have a Purpose on thee Planet.

There IS YOUnique Gift that YOU and only YOU Will Bring into this World.

What IS Your Offering?

Past Participants have had profound insights, realizations and epiphanies that continue to guide them to their BLISS.

In SoCal and want to come Play & Pray!?

Doors Open @ 5:30pm. I suggest arriving by 5:45pm to allow for graceful travel and getting settled in before we start.

Our Base Sequence (Sequence or Practices May Vary & Deviate from Schedule) for New Moon Medicine Tribe Will BE:

  • Cacao Ceremony (Ground, Create Container, Intentions, Invocation)
  • Meditation (Breathwork, Toning, Sing a Song!)
  • Movement (Yoga, Trance Dance, Play!!)
  • Sound Healing (Singing Bowls, Rattles, Tuning Forks, Bell, Rain Stick, Vocals)

This IS Thee Beginning of Our New Moon Medicine Tribe!!
Come Play & Pray with Your Spiritual CommUnity!!!

Please Bring:
- Yoga Mat
- Journal
- Writing Utensil
- Pillow
- Water
- Open Heart & Mind

I look forward to sharing time and space with all those guided to join this calm, peaceful, healing, fun and playful evening =)

This event is capped at 11 individuals. This is a sacred plant medicine that is revered by many native peoples of Central & South America as their Tree of Life. This plant is an origin story for thee birth of their cultures.

YOU are Welcome to Come and Bring a Loved One with an Open Heart & Mind.

I Will See YOU Soon Family <3

Peace, Love, Light and Blessings to ALL!

Your Friend and Ally,
Shaman Peter

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