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About Eevolve Holistic Health & Wellness Center

Our mission is to assist people in taking responsibility for their lives and helping them to create real world lasting changes which enable them to live a life full of meaning, happiness, and health. With our caring team of professional staff and practitioners we provide the services, tools, and techniques that can be utilized to help you achieve your unique health goals.

Eevolve Holistic Health and Wellness was created to help fill the gap in personal and professional health care. It is widely recognized that having a wellness routine and preventative therapies will greatly reduce the risk for disease and illness. In today’s fast paced environment where stress is pervasive in everything from work, to shopping for groceries it is important to have a health and wellness routine that can bring you back to balance and optimal health. With our advanced health programs we can help get you on track and keep you on track with the option to choose health and wellness programs that fit your unique lifestyle needs.

Our facility

Our center is located at 2120 Range Road in Clearwater FL. This beautiful facility offers a comprehensive selection of holistic health services ranging full gym with sauna, spa, and massage, to professional integrated therapies such as wellness coaching, acupuncture, and ayuverda.

Our Services

Our members have the option of attending events, classes, and workshops that fit their specific needs with added perks of specialty services of our in house integrated therapies team. The wide variety of services available here provide a comprehensive selection to help our wellness clients bring happiness, health, and balance to their lives. We focus on creating a synergy of mind, body, spirit, and environment for optimal health and wellness. For a detailed list of classes and services click here.

Our staff

We have 14 in house practitioners as well as a number of specialty practitioners who offer classes and services as part of our core schedule. Each member of our team provides a unique energy and quality that they bring to the center. We have a culture of health and happiness that is contagious, so be sure to check out our team page and set up a tour today.

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