Soul Space Studio - Fire Playshop

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Soul Space Studio

Barrymore Drive · Delta, bc

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Easy to find from anywhere in the Lower Mainland and half an hour drive from most places - easy with a GPS

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Are you a spiritual woman who feels the need for a change?

Is it time for a new expression of you or a creative project of yours to be birthed?

Do you feel like it’s time to get moving?

Have you been feeling this need for a while and you need something to light a fire under you?

Take that next step toward living your fullest life!

Join us and reconnect with your soul’s passion and life-force through the powerful and transformative energy of Fire!

Whether you know what you want next for your life and are feeling stalled for some reason,
or you’re not sure what to do next and would like insight into your soul’s purpose,
give yourself this sacred time and space to explore and Illuminate your soul’s path.

Throughout the Elemental Series, we gratefully receive energetic and loving guidance from each of the Elements:
Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit.

In this Playshop, Fire connects us through its incredible power to the authentic power within us.

This element is the Action Realm, where whatever is moving in us is sparked with energy and comes to the full blaze of fruition.

We feel its comforting warmth, as Fire gets us back in touch with our passion and joy, and activates new beginnings.

If something needs to be cleared and released before you can move forward, you can call on Fire to purify and cleanse, as it transmutes the old and makes ready for the new, or alchemically turns lead into gold.

We gratefully invoke the power of the Sun to reignite our vitality and unique radiance.

Fire supports us as we shine the light of awareness on our inner world, and as we acknowledge the shadow and darkness as a necessary contrast to the light.

Give your soul space and time to express your inner voice, and to create a container as an expression and reminder of your true self. Your creation can contain special keepsakes, or ideas in process, or inspirational messages, or just be a meaningful reminder of your authentic path.

No artistic ability or confidence is needed. Just your permission to allow yourself to express and create freely, just for yourself.

As your Soul Space facilitator, I will hold sacred space and time for you, provide specialized materials and intuitive guidance for your creative process, and supply food and drink to sustain and nourish you.

Brief intuitive and oracle readings are included in the experience of each Playshop.

(Private, complete Soul Readings and Connection to Spirit Readings can be booked at a separate time.)

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