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What we're about

Immerse yourself in the relaxing sound waves of crystal or metal Tibetan singing bowls.


From beginners to masters, this unique meditation experience uses ancient Tibetan singing bowls, modern crystal singing bowls, and gongs to create a sound bath experience of binaural beats to shut down our brains, activate our hearts, and facilitate a relaxing, healing atmosphere without any religion, dogma, or guru.

Doors open for this reception for this guided meditation begins at 7:00PM on the first Wednesday and Thursday of every month. Doors close and meditation begins at 7:30PM and lasts until 8:30 PM.

Please wear comfortable, warm, quiet clothes, and bring snuggly socks to wear, as shoes are not allowed in the sacred space. Chairs and yoga mats are provided, but if you wish to recline you may want to bring your own pillow or additional quiet blanket.

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