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The annual Doo Dah Parade. Where else can you find Elvis (and other celebrity) impersonators, marching bands, royalty (King and Queen of a polar bear plunge), a pie fight, and 500 basset hounds (most in costume) attempting to march.

Staging grounds are at the Tabernacle between 5th and 6th at Asbury. Parade starts at 6th, goes down Asbury to 12th, then cuts down the the boardwalk, reverses direction and ends at the music pier. Following the awards ceremony at the music pier, they have a pie fight. There's also a picnic for the basset hounds at the high school.

We can meet up at the staging area. The parade starts at 12, but I'm setting the starting time earlier so we can meet up, then get some staging shots. Those who are interested in hooking up again after the event, meet up in front of the music pier after the pie fight.