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HackReduce Bristol Attempt #1

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To kick off 2013 I am planning some HackReduce events in Bristol.

The main aim of this first event is to get a feel for how the bigger events would actually work.

The key goals are to:
- bring like minded data professionals together to meet and talk about stuff
- break the ice, meet people who you are likely to collaborate with at future HackReduce events
- learn/refine techniques like MapReduce and technologies like HBase or improve your current understanding or even introduce new things to the mix
- decide on whether Attempt #2 should be like Attempt #1

You can:

- BYOD - bring your own data if it is publicly OK to use (or nuclear submarine data if you feel disgruntled with the Navy)
- Just come and look at some new data I manage to get hold of and feel a little bit lost, confused or angry.
- Talk about some data processing techniques and feel a bit better
- Process some data and try and get something interesting out of it
- Present your findings

I imagine the format would be an event split over 2days (Friday/Saturday?):

Day 1 (probably a Friday eve) 6pm
- arrive with computer
- take a look at the things available at the facility (wherever it is)
- introduce yourselves, go into groups

6:30pm - 9pm
- choose, load some data, look at data
- Experiment with stuff, fiddle
- Plan attack vectors

9pm +
- socialise
- drink beer
- maybe do some more fiddling

Day 2 (Probably a Saturday) Midday
- arrive with computer
- do more stuff with the data
- hopefully get some results

- Tea, hot chocolate, food etc

- Presentations, hopefully some interesting data (and visualisations?)
- if no results, how you approached the problem
- why you did what you did

Then hopefully to wrap up with a feedback and planning session for Attempt #2.

What do you think? I am open to suggestions.

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