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Monday Night Bowling at Homestead Lanes

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Let's join with South Bay Indoor/Outdoor activities Group for Bowling at Homestead Lanes in Cupertino! They are a great group of people and always looking for fun and friendly people! They encourage 1st time bowlers, as they are here just to have fun and make friends. If you have friends bring them: Damien, The Event organizer will try to split you (socializing, eh?) unless you request not to.

Most of us play 2 games; you play 1, 2, many as you like. Please ask the front desk if you cannot recognize the event host from the picture (hint: the host collects money and pays in bulk). Red Pin Bowling is $2/game with a chance to win a free game if the red pin shows up in front and you bowl a strike; thank you Homestead Lanes.

Bowling Shoes : $2
Each game: $2

Example: 2 games + shoes = $6. 1 game w/o shoes = $2...etc.

Please bring change, exact change if possible since I can't split $20 bills for everyone.

Directions: Take I-280, exit De Anza Blvd, go north 1 street light and turn left onto Homestead, go about 1 mile and turn left into the McDonald's on the left. It's behind McDonald's.

Post-Bowling (optional): Some people like to eat/snack after the games (usually 11pm-ish after 2 games). The usual venue is BJ's brewery on De Anza. It's totally optional and we play it by ear. Please let me know if you are interested, I can poll people to see who wants to go.