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Friday Game Night -- Son of Extravaganza

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The Time has Come! "Game Extravaganza" is Dead--Long Live "Son of Extravaganza"!!

I'm modeling this event after the recent and successful "Casual Game Night" events. I've moved it to Friday Night...which makes it great if your date likes games, if you didn't have time to make a date, or if you'd rather play games than date, or if "dating is irrelevant; we will play board games", or if you just...y'know...want to play board games until about 1AM.

There is no "Main Game" for this event, but I certainly welcome ideas or "oooh oooh oooh who wants to play 'Settlers of the Agricola Dominion in Carcassonne'?" The main idea is: "Any Game Will Do" Bring your favorite, or play one I have here....I have a variety, but I always love to learn more. For this event, we can play one or many games. Let's hear your suggestions :-)

Come by as early as 6:30, but the game playing may not start until 7:30. The first hour is to review rules (anyone who wants a refresher), eat dinner (bring your own, or buy it locally), and perhaps try some warm-up games. If you can, bring snacks or beverages to share....because it makes for a fun evening. If you want to "just show up," I must ask for a $5 donation to allow me to provide snackage on your behalf. If you're bringing home-made brownies or Lasagna or Pina Coladas or cupcakes or pizza some other fun & yummy treat or beverage to share, don't worry about the $5 donation.

Target completion time is about 1AM. The idea is a fun Friday Night playing games and hanging with cool people. Alcoholic beverages are welcome, and social drinking is A-okay, but do please be safe & sane and make sure I'll be happy to see you again next month.

So, here's the recap:
6:30 BYO Dinner, Learn the Rules, Warm-up Games
7:30 Start the longer game(s), other games continue
11:30 Still here? Rawkin'!!!
1AM "Let's just finish this one last game"
2AM Everybody else left, eh?
3AM I hope everyone is already in the place they wish to sleep tonight.

By the Way, I would like to encourage anyone who enjoys playing games and wishes to play more to consider hosting a small event like this, either in your home or any other venue that appeals to you. If you are interested in using this Meet-Up group to find players, let me know: I can make you an assistant organizer and you'll be able to create an event, put it in our calendar, and invite people to it. You will have control over RSVPs and everything you need to make your event successful and easy to manage. Just contact me (Paul++) to talk about it.