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GPS for Air Navigation, Mixed Reality, & Emergency Response

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GPS & Reliable Air Navigation, Mixed Reality to Augment AR, and Geo-Systems for Emergency Response

We'll be in Asilomar Conference Room in Google Building 1900 located at 1950 Charleston Road in Mountain View (map (,-122.087890), streetview (,+Mountain+View,+CA&ll=37.42204,-122.088211&spn=0.003046,0.007768&sll=37.422045,-122.087778&layer=c&cbp=13,45.37,,0,-1.24&cbll=37.422168,-122.088271&hnear=1950+Charleston+Rd,+Mountain+View,+California+94043&t=h&z=18&panoid=KGt-FxpDx_j4FQg07FloKw))

If you'd like to dine, plan to arrive around 6:30 PM. Please check-in & badge with Google Security in the Building 1900 Lobby, follow Security's direction and pick up dinner at Nourish Cafe across the way in Building 1950. Again, following Security's direction, bring your tray or to-go box to the Asilomar Conference Room back in Building 1900. Asilomar is set up theater style so be ready to balance your dinner on your lap :-) .

Presentations will begin in Asilomar a little after 7 PM. We also ask your cooperation in returning your trays to an appropriate area at the end of the evening.

Hope to see you there! And "Thank you, Google" for hosting us !!

GPS and Robust Navigation in the National Airspace

This talk will discuss the growing use of GPS in the national airspace system and research into developing a robust navigation system for aviation. It first covers GPS use in aviation and the benefits it provides. As the received GPS signal is very weak, interference, even at low power, can affect its operation. This is a greater concern due to the proliferation and easy accessibility of GPS jamming devices. Hence, our research aims to develop improved terrestrial systems that will overcome the interference threat and complement GPS use.

Presented by:

Sherman Lo, Senior Research Engineer, GPS Laboratory, Stanford University

Sherman Lo is Associate Investigator for Stanford University research on alternative position navigation and timing (PNT) for the FAA. He graduated from Stanford with an M.S. in aeronautics and astronautics in 1995, an M.S. in engineering economic systems and operations research in 1998 and a Ph.D. in aeronautics and astronautics in 2002.

Mixed Reality for Outdoor Scenarios: Why AR is not always the best choice

With mobile devices there are more and more ways to find out about the world around you. 2D maps are being pushed to the limit of their useful resolution as information and other content is linked to more and more precise locations in the real world. Augmented Reality, and particularly AR browsers have become popular for their ability to let people browse information around them in a first person view. However, in their current state the robustness and user experience of AR browsers leaves much to be desired. In this talk I will describe our work to use Mixed Reality and panoramas to improve the overall user experience of this type of system while still giving users the same first person view of the physical and virtual world around them.

Presented by:

Jason Wither, Senior Researcher, Nokia Research Center

Jason Wither is a HCI researcher at the North America Lab within Nokia Research Center. He is currently working on Nokia City Scene, a panorama based application for exploring cities either in-situ or virtually. Prior to joining Nokia, Jason received a PhD from the University of California, Santa Barbara where he studied various aspects of outdoor augmented reality.

GGSN Common Operating Picture

The Golden Gate Safety Network is a voluntary consortium of public and private public safety organization organized in 2002. Over the years, we have supported or conducted a large number of emergency response exercises with various SF Bay Area agencies. Our main goal is to innovate modern methods for information sharing in a mutual aid context. Currently we are assisting Menlo Park Fire Protection District to implement our Common Operating Picture Platform, which provides a shared internet map for GPS tracking of key response resources and setting the Damage Assessment status of major facilities. We are also developing open source mobile web applications for Fire Inspections and Pre-Incident Surveys. Since 2004 we have operated under an MOU with CalEMA, and in 2009 we became a founding member of the Carnegie Mellon Disaster Management Initiative at the NASA Research Park.

Presented by:

David Coggeshall, Program Director