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What we’re about

There's something in her eyes. You know it when you meet her...a woman on fire, self-empowered, living a life on purpose, and passionate about who she is and what she brings to the world.
No matter what her age, social standing or life choices, she is a woman who impacts her world just by claiming her space in the middle of it.
Are you one of us?
Are you becoming one of us? Do you long in your body and soul to join us, but are not sure if you're ready? 
Come to one of our meetings and find out how to express, explore, and experience your powerful, passionate self. This group is for all women looking for:
• Community connections and networks
• Support and encouragement
• Inspiration and wisdom from like minded sisters on the journey to changing the world!
No matter what stage of life you're moving through, you'll find what you need in this community.
As women, we are inherently strong, resilient, creative, resourceful and inspired. AND... together we can change the world. If you've ever longed to have a place to share your passions for self discovery, transformation, and creative expression then this is the place for you.
Join us for the conversations that matter to you most. Your organizers are all amazing women bringing decades of experience to this group.
Join our Facebook group: Ecstatic Living By Design 
This group bridges the gap between events and allows us to connect and deepen our relationships even when we are not together.  The group also connects individuals from various Meetup groups the organizer runs - a larger community of like-minded individuals in various states and geographical regions!