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Motion: Capturing Movement/Motion

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Photography by its nature freezes time. It is our time machine. Depending on the context of the photo, and the way it is taken, determines the moment that is captured. Today we'll talk about shooting things that are moving, and discuss and play with different techniques to utilize motion in our photography. We will play with rear-curtain flash, drag shutter, panning, zoom techniques and so forth. We will plan an around-town endeavor to follow.

We ask for donations are $5 for regular meetings and $10 for meetings with speakers. Every meeting costs money, so the donations are appreciated as always. Donations are voluntary but requested.

Each meeting involves a little bit of show and tell. We used to run contests every meeting, and we'll do that sometimes - but mostly we'll have projects and get to show and discuss our work.

This month's project! Something Moving.

Todays' image will require that the photograph captures motion. Have fun.

SUBMISSIONS: Send your photos directly to me at - Down rez them (remember, the projector's resolution is limited to about 1200 x 800), turn them into jpegs and place their quality at 80 percent. This will give us healthy, but not too massive of files. Remember the rules ... see below!

Photo must be taken after the assignment - so you have between now and the March meeting to give us some greatness.

Prize: for contests... the winner gets something.


* Each participant should submit one photo. For non-contests, we'll allow two submissions if there is something special to share
* The pictures must be taken between the submission start and meeting date. This is to make sure it's not a "my best picture ever contest"
* Pictures may be processed/edited and worked on. HDRs and composites are fine.
* Rules and prizes can be changed at our whim. There is no contract here, just fun for all!

Ok folks - photo submission time! See you soon,