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SCAPA Dinner Meeting & Program: Why Smart Pilots Crash
Join us for this monthly meeting of the South County Airport Pilots Association. We gather at 5:30 pm, serve dinner at 6:00 pm ($15 members, $20 non-members), hold a brief business meeting at 6:45 pm, and begin a speaker presentation at 7:00 pm. Guests are welcome! When one looks at the spectrum of accidents in which a mistake on the part of a pilot was involved, the ones who made mistakes were not from the less-qualified or less-intelligent side of the bell curve. They were, as a whole, no better or no worse than anyone else. An error on the part of a pilot, by itself, is not de facto evidence of a lack of competence, skill or judgment. WHY SMART PILOTS CRASH Several major airline accidents have occurred when pilots forgot to perform an essential task, such as setting flaps for takeoff. How should we think about these memory lapses—do they represent deficiency on the part of the pilots or inherent vulnerability of human cognitive processes interacting with equipment design and cockpit procedures? Our speaker this evening will share NASA research revealing that no one is immune to these memory lapses, which are exacerbated by interruptions, distractions and multitasking. About our speaker: Key Dismukes retired as Chief Scientist for Aerospace Human Factors in the Human-Systems Interaction Division at NASA Ames Research Center. His research addressed the ability of experts to manage challenging situations, error vulnerability, risk management, prospective memory, attention management in multitasking, and learning and memory. He holds ATP, B737 and Citation-type, and glider instructor ratings and received the 2013 Laura Tabor Barbour Air Safety Award.

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The South County Pilots Meetup Group provides opportunities for airplane pilots, pilots-in-training and those associated with local airports to connect in person around aviation-themed events including group Fly-Outs, Airshows, BBQs and flying-related Presentations. If you are a pilot and you fly in the area, or if you are associated with aviation in the E16 area, please read on...

Our Meetup group is part of SCAPA, the South County Airport Pilots Association, so joining this Meetup group will require joining SCAPA. We welcome new members, and encourage you to come to an event and check us out! Dues are just $40 per year to support our nonprofit mission:

* Preserve the San Martin (South County) Airport (E16)
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* Enhance flying safety
* Promote fellowship among pilots and aviation enthusiasts

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