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SCAPA Dinner Meeting & Program: Air Defense Interception
Join us for this monthly meeting of the South County Airport Pilots Association. We gather at 5:30 pm, serve dinner at 6:00 pm ($15 members, $20 non-members), hold a brief business meeting at 6:45 pm, and begin this FAASafety-approved speaker presentation at 7:00 pm. Guests are welcome! AIR DEFENSE INTERCEPTION: HISTORY & CURRENT SCENARIOS Learn about different scenarios where a pilot can get intercepted by our air defense system, rules of engagement and procedures for the interceptor and the intercepted. SCAPA member Pat Belanger, a former command pilot in the California Air National Guard, will share inside details from his experience and current knowledge. He will also describe the history of his unit and riveting details about his training, responsibilities, and experiences. He and fellow ANG members used to find people flying airplanes through the ADIZ (Air Defense Identification Zone), crossing the Mexican border without a flight plan, loitering over and around sensitive areas (e.g., nuclear power plants), running drugs around Panama in various airplanes, and the like. They were tasked with intercepting, identifying, surveilling, diverting, and if necessary, shooting down aircraft that did not obey their demands. Fortunately, situations never got to that point. They also were tasked with finding aircraft in distress and escorting them to safety. Pat is a CFI based at E16.

Wings of History Museum

12777 Murphy Ave (Across the street from the airport) · San Martin, CA

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