John Cooper's Garden Party


John Cooper has very generously offered to hold another one of his Sunday afternoon garden parties for a small group of us plus some of his own friends and guests.

This will be the perfect way to relax and chat with friends old and new on a sunny summer's afternoon with a drink or two. As usual, John will provide the music, Mike will provide the Magic and we'll all provide the fun and laughter.

Please bring your own drinks and mixers (things that you will drink). Please also bring some party food or snacks that we can all share in. John's oven is available for warming things up.


For John's security and also because this is a limited space event at his home, only members who have been to 3 or more events in the last 6 months may RSVP.


Please click RSVP if you'd like to come along as it helps us know who to expect and you'll be kept up to date by email. If you later find you can't make it, please undo your RSVP asap - it's courteous, only takes a moment and will free up a space for someone else

NOTE: Members who clock-up multiple no-shows or lastminute cancellations will gain a reputation for being unreliable and inconsiderate and may be deleted from the group.


If you are rude enough to be a "no-show" at a personal event like this, you will likely be deleted from the group. We understand that lastminute problems can occur, all we ask is you think ahead and undo your RSVP in good time if you can not make it. Thank-You.


John lives in the Hockley area. For privacy reasons, the address will be available ONLY to club members in the final week, automatically sent via meetup message and email.

Outsiders can not see where the party is (for obvious reasons), so please do not mention it to anyone or in any messages posted on this page.