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What we’re about

Welcome to the Southern UK Photography Group.

I've been a keen amateur photographer for the past decade with a particular focus on landscape, nature and wildlife. I love a decent hike with my camera over my shoulder and have found that this is an experience best shared.

David has done an excellent job of establishing and managing this group over the past few years but has recently stepped down and I've agreed to try and steer the ship for the foreseeable. David is still here, however, and is keen to continue organising the occasional meet from time-to-time (together with a number of others).

It is my intent that this group will be entirely collaborative and transparent and will never ever turn into any sort of money-making venture. However, Meetup are not shy about charging for the use of their platform. To cover these costs I intend to charge £2.50 per person for each future event. Any surplus of funds remaining at the end of the year will be put into the kitty for a Christmas social event.