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This group is for Jewish Singles who are both Observant and Non-observant who are 45 years and older. This is the Sister Group for Not Dead Yet in South Florida.


Its a complicated age to meet people.

Most of our friends are married, we have kids, jobs, and complicated busy lives.

We feel young but are older. We have lots of experience and lots of concerns.

The rules here are pretty simple.

1) You must be Haluchicly Jewish, your mother, her mother... were all Jewish or were converted by a Beit Din.

2) You must be really Jewishly single - you must have a GET, in in a relationship that did not need a GET at its demise. 3) You must want to meet somebody.

4) You must be comfortable and respectful when mixing with observant/non-observant people.

We have Jewish themed and non-themed events. For example - Shabbat Meal is a Jewish Themed event... If you are not observant - you are welcome at the Shabbat meals and people will show you the page in the book and explain things. You are not expected to be Shomer Shabbat, but when you attend be respectful (Cell Phone not left On and replying to Texts - for example).

For example - A non-themed event would be a Sunday Bicycle and Picnic at The Beach. Kids are sometimes welcome and sometimes not.

All events will be planned with full inclusion as a basis. There will always be options for those that have dietary concerns.

We are not a matchmaking service. We will have events to come and enjoy. If you see someone that you hit it off with, definitely continue! And, if it really works out, we expect all the members to be invited to the party!

When you reserve for an event, please be kind enough to show up. It would be a shame if you took the place of someone that wanted to attend and you did not attend. If you have not RSVP'ed to a MEETUP, do not show up or bring guests unless you have been approved. Unfortunately some individuals RSVP yes continually and do not show up (or cancel less than a day before the event) - hence, others can not attend; if there are two no-shows, you will constantly be on the bottom of the list or wait-list for our events unless a deposit is paid, more than 3 you will not be able to attend any more of our events. If you are a regular attendee of our events, most deposits are waved. Please do not post any links or adverts unless cleared with the group organizers (three people were BANNED from our other group for repeatedly posting inappropriate links). Never Ever contact one of our members if you have not spoken or met before. This will not be tolerated and whoever does so will be BANNED. If you have been contacted with an inappropriate message, please forward it to us and the sender will be Banned. We also do not accept every member and quite a few applied recently for membership that were not quite "kosher", so they were not accepted. We do not tolerate 20 year olds from The Ukraine wanting to join to meet Older Partners - there are other places for that, not here - if you suspect such behavior in one of our members, please notify us ASAP and appropriate steps will be taken. Despite Meetup.com increasing the fees it charges to maintain this and other groups - you do not pay as we are a sponsored group, by Walls R Us Painting - They have agreed to pay the entire yearly fee. Therefore, there are NO Meetup fees, as there are with other groups. We only pay for the venue. However, patronizing our sponsor with your and your friends house and business painting needs are very appreciated!

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