Past Meetup

Deer Creek Evening ride


Deer Creek road is an amazing place to ride a bike. The added dimension is we ride this at night. Simply stunning. Lights and tail lights are required. Cool weather riding clothes are strongly suggested. The temps drop substantially up here when the sun drops below the mountain.

Traffic on this stretch is light and polite but you must be comfortable riding on a road with little or no shoulder. This ride is out to Lee Canyon ski area and back to Mount Charleston hotel. It is about 26 miles total.

Steep grade climbs will seriously test your legs and lungs and the descents will test your hand/eye coordination as well as your mettle. You can carve corners as fast as your skill level will allow. If you are a skilled rider we strongly suggest you give this ride a try.

We meet at the Resort on Mount Charleston parking lot. We try to get going by 6 but sometimes it is 6:15 so don't be discouraged, I get there as fast as I can. If you want to try this ride but do not have a high quality light, please visit Southwest Bikes, we specialize in this.

Attendees (3)