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Gavin Davies - Reducing Infrustration / Craig Marvelley - Idempotent Provision

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The first meetup in our new, hopefully permanent home complete with 80 inch screen and bar!

We have two excellent talks so come join us, tell your friends and colleagues, help build a fantastic AWS community and get some FREE Beer and Pizza in with the bargain! Can you imagine a better evening?!

--- TALK 1 ---

Topic: Gavin Davies - Reducing Infrustration

Description: What is immutable infrastructure? How does it work? What are the pros and cons? Is it for everyone or only the likes of Yahoo and Netflix? What about the rest of us?

Bio: Gavin is a developer and automation engineer who believes that the best way to challenge yourself professionally is to freely share your knowledge with others. He is the author of "Deal With It: Attitude for Coders" and co-hosts the "Never Out Of Beta" podcast. He also co-organises monthly tech meetup Unified Diff alongside Warren Seymour and others.

--- TALK 2 ---

Topic: Craig Marvelley - Idempotent provisioning on EC2 with Ansible

Description: Ansible is a simple yet powerful tool that can be used to orchestrate the provisioning of complex environments hosted on EC2. Using a real-life example we'll explore some strategies I've learned the hard way! We'll look at how VPCs, EC2 instances, Security Groups and much more can all be controlled from simple YAML files.

Bio: Craig is a software developer who has been gradually sucked into systems administration. As Head of Platform at Bipsync his responsibilities include managing a SAAS environment which makes use of several of AWS's offerings.