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This Space Decentral meetup is created for the purpose of encouraging the cross-pollination of ideas amongst scientists, engineers, artists, futurists and thinkers that are interested in all aspects of advancing technology and governance to improve life on Earth and ultimately become a spacefaring civilization.

Events will present challenges that stem from both socio-economical and technological perspectives, reaching out to experts from both industry and academia to inform the community about their latest work or research. Meetups will be highly interactive and engage the audience through a combination of activities that are both fun and thought-provoking.

About Space Decentral:

Space Decentral is a decentralized autonomous space agency that leverages blockchain technology to reinvigorate the push for space exploration with global citizens in control. Space missions will be designed collaboratively, research will be shared for peer review, science will be crowdsourced, and worthy projects that accelerate human progress will be crowdfunded.

Join us at www.spacedecentral.net

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Space Decentral San Francisco - First Meetup

Starfish Mission

Space Decentral Community Meeting

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