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Spanish conversation practice for beginners. Native Spanish speakers might find a good opportunity to practice English! Please read Beginner Meetup Policies (http://www.meetup.com/spanish-251/pages/Beginner%27s_Meetup_Policies/) before attending.

TÓPICO: ¡Las películas! Vamos a discutirnos nuestras películas favoritas. Vengale preparado para discutir su favorita película, sus favoritos actores, y otras cosas que están relacionado al cine.

TOPIC: Movies! We are going to discuss our favorite movies. Come prepared to discuss your favorite movie, your favorite actors/actresses, and other things related to film.

Please remember to study at home! Check out the resources on our message board at:

A $2.00 donation per person is appreciated! For more details on this, go to:

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