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Tommy's CAMPUS Pizzaria on NEIL and LANE about one block from High Street

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This is a second try at this location. This past week was good, but due to confusion on location, and Thanksgiving plans, many did not make it.

So, PLEASE BE ADVISED this is at Tommy's Pizza in the OSU campus area on Lane and Neil. (note, it is NOT the Upper Arlington location). It is about a block from High Street.

Please RSVP if you are attending, the sooner the better so that I know how many to make an accurate reservation for. We currently have a reservation for 15 people. Again, please RSVP so that I can accurately tell the restaurant how large our group will be in advance.

We will have the side room reserved for the group. It is up to the waiter's discretion if they will do separate checks. The restaurant policy is to do one large check for the group, add gratuity for the group, and then have each member pay their amount toward the bill including the gratuity amount. However, they allow the waiter/waitress to decide if they want to do it that way or if they will do individual separate checks. Before ordering, check how the waiter will be handling your bill to avoid confusion at the end.

There is a decent sized parking lot in the back/side of the restaurant. Additional parking is available in the Panera lot (about a block away on Lane) and also street parking on Neil Avenue.

174 W. Lane Ave.
Columbus OH 43201
(614) 294-4669

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