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Do you want to learn to speak Spanish?


In this group, we are going to "DO THE WORK". So, go buy the book at Spanish138.com. (PDF Action Guide, you will need to print it unless you do the third package)

Think about it, most of what you say in English is first person, present tense. You just need to learn basic words to convey what you want.

Look at what children say in English:

I want to eat.

I have to go to school.

I need to go to the bathroom.

I am able to tie my shoes.

I am going to the zoo tomorrow.

I would like to go to Build a Bear for my birthday.

Pick up any Spanish language newspaper or magazine and you find this sentence structure in every paragraph.

We will practice using common verbs and words by constructing 2,500 sentences.

1) Get the PDF Action Guide at http://spanish138.com/

2) Preview the methodology in the first four chapters at http://spanish138fourchapters.com/
Did you take Spanish in high school and college but you never learned to "SPEAK" the language?

Does having to memorize thousands of verbs, conjugations, phrases and vocabulary just seem too mundane and time consuming?

Would you like to "LEARN" just enough Spanish words to "get by" with confidence?

You are in luck. Just practice 2,500 sentences using 138 frequently used Spanish words.

We will practice those 2,500 sentences using 30 synergy verbs, 44 brick verbs, 64 mortar words.

Join our study group and practice these sentences that make sense to a native Spanish speaker. As you gain confidence, you will build on your vocabulary.



I have traveled to Puerto Rico and Colombia and I have Spanish speaking friends in Tampa, Florida. I took this course about ten years ago and wanted more practice. I wanted to create a group of like minded individuals who enjoy the language and culture.

I am NOT fluent but I am confident enough to try to speak with native speakers.

Click my link to Spanish138.com and buy the course.

Join my weekly 1) SUNDAY group or ask me about my 2) ADVANCED group if you want to practice more frequently.

I think this study group would benefit 1) Travelers and Vacationers to Spanish Speaking Countries, 2) Missionaries, 3) Expats in Spanish Speaking countries, 4) small business owners who employ English and Spanish speakers, and 5) anyone interested in the language.

Buy the book and join us. Let's do the work!

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